The Batumi demonstrative aquarium was opened on the 20th of August, in 1966. Initially, the North pacific pinnipeds, valuable fur otters and Caspian seals were represented in it. The special impression used to make the giant tortoise of the Indian Ocean, so called “false coach”, which weighed about 100kg. The decorative fish variety impressed the visitors, too. There were up to 60 species of dwellers from the freshwaters, different seas and oceans.
Batumi demonstrative aquarium is a complicated edifice. It consists of demonstrative and experimental parts. The whole capacity of aquarium water is approximately 200 000 liters. The complex supplement of the water makes the ability of aeration and temperature regulation. The special filters provide the prolonged circulation of water, creating the locked system in result that makes the biological balance. The most of fish existing in Batumi aquarium are bred locally. It is remarkable that if the fish are not being held as in the natural environment, their reproduction is impossible.
At the time the aquarium represents up to 100 species of fish from Black Sea, Georgian freshwaters and the decorative ones: Common Stingray (Dasyatis Pastinaca), Thornback Ray (Raja Clavata), Sand Sole (Solea Nasuta), Mullet (Mugilidae), Long-Snouted Seahorse (Hippocampus ramulosus), Red Mullet( Mullus Barbatus Ponticus), Brown Meagre (Sciaena Umbra) and other unique species. What about the exotic species, significant ones are the Amazon Piranha (Serrasalminae), Cichlids (Cichlidae), South-East Asian fishes: Gouramis (Goramy), Barbus (Cyprinus barbus), Botia Macracantha (Chromobotia macracanthus), Red-Tailed Labeo (Labeo Bicolor) and the nicest Discus (Symphysodon).
In the beginning the aquarium was created on the bases of Georgian branch of “Sea Fish Husbandry and Scientific Research Institute of Oceanography”. Since 1998 it was subordinated to the “6 May Park” of Batumi, and since the 1st of January, 2011 it has become one of the component of “Black Sea Flora and Fauna Scientific Research Center”.